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Hear It From Them. Listen to Them Smile.

Ahlam is a 5-year-old paralyzed girl who has always dreamt of having strong legs to play around the refugee camp with her friends.

Moving around with a hand-made heavy iron device makes it very hard.

In collaboration with Femme Future, we provided Ahlam with a brand new walking aid and fixed the path leading to her tent so she can play without anything standing in her way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Takaful?

Takaful for Child Welfare is a humanitarian organization founded by workers in the humanitarian and charitable field and specialists in sociology and development. We’ve come together to save children from the consequences of being born in underprivileged areas.

Why donate through Takaful?
Takaful is dedicated to enhancing the lives of vulnerable children through diverse projects in health, security, food & nutrition, and education. By choosing Takaful, you’d support an organization that ensures your donations have a positive and lasting impact, fulfilling your charitable intentions effectively and efficiently.
How much can I donate?

Every dollar you donate goes to someone in desperate need of it. The amount of your donation is up to you, and it can be as little as a few dollars, all the way to funding an entire project with us. Your donations give them a second chance at life.

Is Takaful tied to a subsidiary or any other entity?
We are an entirely independent and private organization. From the day Takaful came to be in 2004, we were never affiliated with any government, foundation, or corporation.

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