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For you, life tomorrow is promised and maybe even taken for granted, but for thousands of children, extreme poverty is stealing their lives every single day.

Your support to our NGO for Children can make a difference and every dollar you donate could save a life.

Our Valued Partners

Your Contribution Matters

Back to School Appeal
Securing education and its resources for vulnerable children to build a future.
Read more about Back to School Appeal.
Winter Appeal
Keeping vulnerable families and orphans warm, sheltered, and well-fed in the winter.
Read more about Winter Appeal.

Sponsor A Child

Break the Cycle of Poverty. Change these vulnerable children’s life today.
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Programs You Can Contribute to

Kareem Program

340,161 Beneficiaries

Hanan Program

46,060 Beneficiaries

Raed Program

4,085 Beneficiaries

Noor Program

14,456 Beneficiaries

We Are Committed to Child Welfare

We are committed to creating a world where children do not suffer the consequences of being born in underprivileged areas.

As an NGO for children and in partnership with passionate supporters like you, we help the most vulnerable children overcome the effects of poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, and any other reason for their vulnerability.

Together we can start supporting children today to give them a better tomorrow.

Our Appeals

Our NGO for Children is committed to holistic appeals and focuses on all the issues affecting defenseless and impoverished children and their families.

Within each program, we’ve developed several appeals to serve the end goal of the program and find ways to keep these children well-sheltered, loved and cared for, ambitious, and alive to see a bright tomorrow.

Our Impact

Together, we have saved the lives of more than 80,000 vulnerable children by giving them life-changing solutions.

Children sponsored


Families supported by the Winter Appeal


Families supported by the Adha Appeal


Families supported by the Ramadan Appeal

Drawing Smiles
One Child at a Time

“I’m not ashamed of my impairment… Those who feel shy are weak,” said Rawan.
At the age of 8, Rawan developed an impairment that left her unable to move her back and leg. Unfortunately, her family wasn’t able to afford her surgery which would cost $12,000!
Our child protection team gathered donations from our generous donors and took her to a specialized hospital to finally do her surgery and get a prosthetic.
Rawan is now making memories with her mom full of smiles, love, and, most importantly, health.

What Makes Takaful Special?

Child-Centric Welfare

Building knowledge for children about their rights

Takaful For Everyone

Walking with the children step by step, not one-time support

Connected With Love

For everyone, and anyone in need

Let’s Talk About Changing Lives.

We Can Do It Together

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Takaful?
Takaful for Child Welfare is a humanitarian organization founded by workers in the humanitarian and charitable field and specialists in sociology and development. We’ve come together to save children from the consequences of being born in underprivileged areas.
Why donate through Takaful?
Takaful is dedicated to enhancing the lives of vulnerable children through diverse appeals in health, security, food & nutrition, and education. By choosing Takaful, you’d support an organization that ensures your donations have a positive and lasting impact, fulfilling your charitable intentions effectively and efficiently.
How much can I donate?
Every dollar you donate goes to someone in desperate need of it. The amount of your donation is up to you, and it can be as little as a few dollars, all the way to funding an entire appeal with us. Your donations give them a second chance at life.
Is Takaful tied to a subsidiary or any other entity?
We are an entirely independent and private organization. From the day Takaful came to be in 2004, we were never affiliated with any government, foundation, or corporation.

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We’re saving the lives of underprivileged children by providing the essentials they need.

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